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A1 Level, Girls Monday/Thursday 20:00

The One: Where You Start Speaking Arabic

Who is it for?

This course is designed to teach Arabic language for the beginner level, acquiring a basic level of speaking, reading and writing Arabic.

What you will get?

You will have access to all classes, self-learning material and workbook, in addition to one on one classes with trained native-speaking teachers.

What you need?

A digital device such as desktop, laptop or tablet and passion and curiosity to learning a new interesting language to expand your horizon.

Course Curriculum



To say that I am delighted having classes with Arabiatee, it’s like not saying anything. First, I prefer natural science to humanities, and second, studying languages is super difficult for me, but I want to learn Arabic by all means. Arabiatee makes this path easy and fun, and I don’t want to stop. I like that we study standard Arabic along with speaking dialect.

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